Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this podcast for?

This podcast is for anyone who wants to get involved with left-leaning political work and doesn’t know exactly where to get started. We made it especially for folks who were recently politically activated by Trump’s election and are still looking for the way they want to plug in.

We’ve focused on three goals: taking action, building skills, and onboarding. Each episode guides you through taking a specific action or getting involved in a new way. We’ve included some leftist culture by highlighting some history and philosophy as well as some thoughts from our friends.

Most of the organizations highlighted in this podcast are based in New York, so it’s extra easy to plug in if you live in the city. If you live elsewhere, there may be analogous organizations in your neck of the woods, or you can start your own!

Where can I subscribe?

You should be able to find Rebel Steps on most podcast apps!

Here are links to some major ones:

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Can I get one of those sweet stickers?

You can order a sticker over on RebBubble!

Why didn’t you cover “x”?

We didn’t go in depth on any of the problems facing our society. We feel there is already lots of media dedicated to exploring the ways that capitalism, white supremacy, sexism, and heteronormativity are destroying our society and our planet. For this podcast, we limited our scope to ways people can take concrete action to start changing their own communities. We have included more resources in the show notes for each episode. And if you have resources to share or questions about what we covered, please contact us at

What is MACC?

MACC stands for the Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council. We both actively participate in MACC and many of our interviewees are also involved in MACC so it comes up a lot in the podcast. “The Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) is an organization based on the guiding principles of horizontalism, anti-oppression, mutual aid, direct democracy, and direct action. We seek to strengthen and support New York City’s anarchist movement through coordination of existing and emerging projects. With the present atmosphere of hatred, bigotry and greed, we seek to seed resistance to an emboldened right-wing through an alternative, radical form of participatory politics. MACC is open to all anarchists.” Find out more at You can also find a list of other organizations that come up in the podcast here.