About Us

Rebel Steps is a podcast for anyone who wants to take political action and doesn’t know exactly where to get started. It guides listeners through actions that go beyond protesting and calling your representatives. Season 1 offers insights into how individuals can join movements. Season 2 focuses on the ways people can work together to build these movements.

We’ve focused on three goals: taking action, building skills, and onboarding. Each episode guides you through taking a specific action or getting involved in a new way. We’ve highlighted some history and philosophy as well as some thoughts from our friends.

We didn’t go in depth on any of the problems facing our society. We feel there is already lots of media dedicated to exploring the ways that our society is broken. For this podcast, we limited our scope to ways people can take concrete action to start changing their own communities. We have included more resources in the show notes for each episode. If you have resources to share or questions about what we covered, please contact us at hello@rebelsteps.com.


Rebel Steps was created by Amy and Liz, two sisters living in Brooklyn, NY. Though they both always had strong political views, Trump’s election spurred them to a new chapter of activism, including everything from the women’s march to anti-fascist organizing.

You can email us at hello@rebelsteps.com.

Channel Zero Network

We are part of the Channel Zero Network. Channel Zero is an english-based anarchist radio/podcast network run by radical media makers. These podcasts share stories from the front-lines and lessons from history to spread revolutionary practices. Learn more about the podcasts within Channel Zero.


Srsly Wrong Episode #193: Organizing First Steps. “Wrong Boys are joined by Liz and Amy from the podcast Rebel Steps podcast to discuss leftist organizing, and stuff like group dynamics, what organizing is, and how to take your first steps” July 2019.

Coffee with Comrades Episode 73: “Every Countdown Ends at Zero” ft. Rebel Steps and Red Strings & Maroons. “This week, we are joined by three electrifying podcast hosts and producers to discuss the Channel Zero Network and podcasts on the left.” February 2020.

Radical People Podcast Episode 26: Take Pride. “In this episode, Eamon speaks with Amy and Maura, not only about Amy’s podcast Rebel Steps, but about a direct action they both participated in back in 2017 in which they worked with others to blockade the NYPD and Toronto Police contingents that were marching in New York City’s pride parade.” March 2020.

Rev Left Radio Organizing in a Pandemic: Rebel Steps and Rent Strikes!: “Liz and Amy from Rebel Steps joins Breht to discuss tenant organizing, rent strikes, the Covid crisis, anarchism, and much more!” April 2020.

Mandatory OT Episode 048 The Art Of Yes And… ft. Rebel Steps: “Chris n’ Dave from the WV IWW sit down with Amy and Liz from the AWESOME organizing “how-to” podcast Rebel Steps.” April 2020.

Coffee with Comrades Episode 84: “What New Horizons Await?” ft. Rebel Steps: “Liz from Rebel Steps joined us to chat about the politics of AC:NH, the newest game from Nintendo’s Animal Crossing franchise which is destined to go down in the history books as ‘the Quarantine Game.’” May 2020.

Pod Damn America Rat Facts / Rent Strikes w/ Rebel Steps: “I’m joined by Liz & Amy from Rebel Steps, the podcast about taking political action guided by the concepts of direct action, solidarity, autonomy and mutual aid. We talk about rent strikes, tenants unions and the ongoing battle for democratic housing. Rebel Steps is on the Channel Zero Network.” May 2020.

Book Recommendations

Resist! How To Be An Activist In the Age of Defiance by Michael Segalov, forward by Molly Crabapple. Features concrete how-to’s accompanied by case studies from movements around the world.

Recipes For Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook by CrimethInc.’s Worker Collective. Gives detailed instructions for various projects and skills such as starting an affinity group, participating in a lockdown, and more.

Direct Action by David Graeber. Contains detailed accounts of actions and meetings that took place during the anti-globalization movement as well as musings on the press, the consensus process, state violence, and more.

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