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A quick update on the Channel Zero Network Fundraiser, our friend David Campbell and interviews on other CZN podcasts.


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Interview Coffee with Comrades: Episode 73: "Every Countdown Ends at Zero"

Interview with Radical People: 26. Take Pride

Find David Campbell’s new address and other updates at

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You heard trailers for Coffee with Comrades, Red Strings & Maroons, and Radical People, all also part of the Channel Zero Network.

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Liz: Hi I’m Liz

Amy: I’m Amy!

Liz: You’re listening to a special Rebel Steps Update

Amy: We have a full episode out this coming week. We’re coming to you with a quick update in the meantime.

Liz: As you may know, we’re part of Channel Zero Network, a network of radical media makers. Currently Channel Zero Network is running a fundraiser. We already hit our goal, but any additional donations are appreciated. Check out the show notes for a link to the fundraiser.

Amy: We also recently appeared on two other CZN podcasts. First on Radical People I spoke about a direct action at NYC pride 2017. Then we both spoke with Coffee with Comrades and Red Strings and Maroons about podcasting, movement media, and the CZN. Check the show notes for links to those interviews and stay tuned after this update for more on those podcasts.

Liz: Another update, our friend David Campbell, who is currently serving a year in Rikers, was recently moved to a different facility within Rikers. Please go to to get the new address. And please continue writing and supporting him!

Amy: Lastly, we have a Patreon! We’ve been posting producers notes that go behind the scenes and talk about why we decided to include the content we did and how we put the episode together. If you’re interested in that behind the scenes content or just want to support us, find us on Patreon.

Liz: Thanks to everyone who has shared the episodes with their communities. It’s so nice to hear that people are enjoying the episodes. If you’ve found an episode particularly helpful, or have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at or tweet at us.

Amy: Stay tuned for more on some of our Channel Zero Network comrades. Thanks for listening!